21 March, 2024

Revamping Vitadent Academy

In our ongoing partnership with Vitadent Academy, a Rotterdam based organization that provides oral care for clients in care institutions, we have taken another leap forward. Recently, we've unleashed a major update for Vitadent's Academy, tailoring it precisely to their evolving needs. Now, when learners step into the Vitadent Academy, they're greeted with a fresh, modern interface that fosters an enriched learning experience.

The learning environment of Vitadent is hosted on Moodle, one of the biggest Learning Management Systems in the world. Our learning developers know all the ins and outs of this system.

Unlocking Enhanced Learning: Welcome to Moodle 4.1 at Vitadent Academy

The Vitadent Academy previously operated on Moodle 3.9, but we have recently transitioned to version 4.1. This upgrade was substantial, addressing numerous bugs and introducing various improvements. Additionally, the latest Moodle LMS boasts exciting new features.

Building upon the enhancements and features of Moodle LMS 4.0, version 4.1 enhances user experience even further, offering greater opportunities to create enhanced learning experiences and enabling learners to easily access what they need, precisely when they need it.

New look & feel Academy

Our Functional Manager, Ellen Koedam, created a test environment to safely test the transition from Moodle LMS 4.0 to 4.1. She investigated how the look and feel could be adjusted and examined what had been immediately updated. She also looked into what, for example, is no longer possible in the new version.

“We discussed all the possibilities, solutions, and points of attention with the Manager of Vitadent Academy. Based on his input, we ultimately updated the platform.”¬†

Ellen Koedam – Functional Manager Elevate

New look & feel Vitadent Academy

Looking for a learning environment tailored to your organization’s needs?

Elevate specializes in designing captivating elearning modules and implementing personalized learning environments exclusively for your organisation. We excel in cultivating knowledge, honing skills, and driving innovation to make a real impact. To discuss this solution further, please reach out to our Business Development Manager Sjors Gerritsen.


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