Launch TRICALS Academy

25 September, 2023

TRICALS consortium is ready for the next step: its own TRICALS Academy.


TRICALS is an independent consortium consisting of leading ALS experts, patients, patient associations and ALS foundations from 15 countries. Together they have one common goal: finding effective treatments for ALS, PSMA and PLS.

TRICALS is not only an international network that connects patients to clinical research. They also improve the way we do research; one of the services they provide is to train trial staff on outcome measures such as the ALSFRS-R, Vital capacity, muscle strength and Kings Staging.

Healthcare providers and researchers who are involved in one of the TRICALS studies are expected to be well prepared and aware of, the disease and certain methodologies that are used in ALS research. Elevate has worked with the TRICALS team in the past years to develop various e-learnings.

Launch TRICALS Academy

To ensure that the course offering and the platform continue to meet the wishes of the target group, it is important to innovate. Not only does the course content need to be updated in a timely manner, the overall user experience and appearance of the platform must also keep up with the times, especially because of the increased number of participants and the bigger volume of the studies.

Given these developments and the ambitions for the future, the TRICALS consortium is ready for the next step: its own TRICALS Academy.

How Elevate helped

We have offered the TRICALS team a number of solutions:

  • Renewal of 4 existing online courses > major improvement: now the modules have a more procedural approach compared to the ‘fact-based’ nature of the older modules. As a result, the modules are better aligned with participants’ work practices;
  • Implementation of the brand new TRICALS digital learning environment > Elevate’s latest platform offers ‘TRICALS Academy’ an exclusive sub-environment with its own URL, design in their own corporate identity and an exclusive course catalogue. Thanks to this sub-environment, user management also becomes clear and efficient for the TRICALS team.
  • Hosting, support & services > Participants can contact Elevate’s service desk with all their questions. In addition, the TRICALS team can also contact Elevate with all their questions about the platform. If they want to make changes to the courses, they can make changes themselves, but Elevate is happy to provide support for more complex customizations.

An academy for your organization?

Want a custom-made Academy for your own organization? Elevate can help to design an Academy exclusively for your company, where knowledge is cultivated, skills are honed, and innovation thrives. Please contact Eva van Ingen, Manager Business Development, if you want to talk about this solution.

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