30 November, 2023

Extension Partnership with VAC4EU

Marking a successful collaboration and enduring trust, we are pleased to announce that Vaccine Monitoring Collaboration for Europe (VAC4EU) has decided to extend its collaboration with Elevate for the next years to come.

Marking a successful collaboration since 2020, we are honored to announce that VAC4EU has decided to extend its collaboration with Elevate until 2026.

How Elevate helps

The VAC4EU secretary reached out to Elevate in regard to their training needs for their online tools. Creating training modules for their staff as well as members.

We helped to design and develop an education program consisting of ten modules focussing on work instructions, online tools, guidelines, best practices and workflows.

To roll out these modules an online customized learning environment was created in the look & feel of VAC4EU. Elevate provides the didactical experience and technical know-how while VAC4EU is responsible for the content. The project is ongoing and new modules are being developed throughout 2024.

About VAC4EU

VAC4EU stands as the sustainable outcome of the ADVANCE project, which received funding from the Innovative Medicines Initiative between October 2013 and March 2019. Aligned with the ADVANCE vision, system, and blueprint, VAC4EU is dedicated to facilitating robust and timely evidence generation regarding vaccine effects in a collaborative framework across Europe. This information is intended for the benefit of citizens, healthcare professionals, public health organizations, and regulatory agencies.

Functioning as a multi-stakeholder international association, VAC4EU boasts a study network for conducting research and an open community that fosters scientific dialogue. Research, industry and public health organizations can join VAC4EU as member.

A customized learning environment for your organization?

Want a custom-made learning environment for your own organization? Elevate can help to design modules and implement a learning environment exclusively for your company. We thrive in a place where knowledge is cultivated, skills are honed, and innovation creates impact. Please contact Sjors Gerritsen, Business Development Manager, if you want to talk about this solution.

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