21 March, 2024

Elevate Joins GRIPonMASH: Developing Digital Training Modules and Leading Project Branding & Dissemination outputs

Exciting news! With 27 leading European institutions onboard, the GRIPonMASH project, backed by the Innovative Health Initiative Joint Undertaking (IHI JU), is dedicated to enhancing tools and guidance to prevent chronic liver diseases. We are thrilled to announce our membership of the GRIPonMASH consortium.

Thirty percent of the world population suffers from Steatotic Liver Disease of which MASLD is one of the clinical presentations. Of these patients, about one in five will develop MASH, an advanced stage of MASLD in which liver inflammation occurs and the liver becomes severely damaged. It is expected that by 2030, MASH will be the leading cause of liver transplants worldwide. Early detection of the disease is vital to ensure that the burden of care is lowered, and that patients can recover from MASH before it becomes chronic or even fatal.

The objectives of this novel consortium

The involved parties have bundled resources to bring about a transformational change in the detection and treatment of Metabolic Dysfunction-Associated Steatotic Liver Disease (MASLD). During the next four years the consortium will focus on developing the GRIPonMASH Diagnostic Platform. This platform aims to achieve three key objectives:

  • Early detection of patients with MASH
  • Enhanced patient stratification
  • Provision of personalized lifestyle guidance

How Elevate contributes

At Elevate, we specialize in crafting customized learning solutions for professionals in the life sciences and healthcare sector. Our role within the GRIPonMASH project encompasses the creation of captivating digital training modules, as well as managing dissemination and stakeholder engagement efforts. Elevate also takes charge of GRIPonMASH’s branding, social media presence, and the development of the Knowledge Hub.


This project is supported by the Innovative Health Initiative Joint Undertaking (IHI JU) under grant agreement No 101132946. The JU receives support from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme and COCIR, Efpia, EuropaBio, MedTech Europe, Vaccines Europe and Mercodia Aktiebolag, Metadeq Limited and Julius Clinical Research BV.

Funded by the European Union, the private members, and those contributing partners of the IHI JU. Views and opinions expressed are however those of the author(s) only and do not necessarily reflect those of the aforementioned parties. Neither of the aforementioned parties can be held responsible for them.


Grant Agreement 101132946.

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