19 July, 2023

3 highlights EU consortia

We are currently educational partner in 5 different EU consortia. There have been important developments in recent months. We will highlight 3 of them in this post. 

New website live ONCOVALUE

ONCOVALUE is a collaborative effort between cancer institutes and commercial businesses aimed at implementing value-based oncology care. The ONCOVALUE consortium is an initiative by the Research and innovation funding programme Horizon Europe. Its primary goal is to enhance cancer treatment by enabling and guiding cancer clinics in collecting, harmonizing, and analyzing high-quality Real World Data (RWD) in real-time and by developing an AI-based framework for assessing real-life effectiveness of novel cancer therapies in real-time.

Elevate has contributed to the ONCOVALUE consortium by creating a brand new website. On this platform, you will find comprehensive information about the consortium’s partners, as well as the option to sign up for the newsletter. In the future stages of the project, the website will transform into a knowledge hub where healthcare professionals can access online modules related to the newly developed AI-based framework.

Positive feedback for IMI Conception

Elevate created an interactive didactical framework and brought together a wide array of leading experts in the field of pharmaceuticals in the pregnancy and breastfeeding phase. An online interactive 11-chapter self-study course was created in which the learner will be engaged through a purposefully built interactive framework with adaptive scenarios. The pilot phase is just behind us and the first positive reactions are coming in.

New Competency Profile for TEACHER

For the rare disease Esophageal Atresia and tracheal malformations, a few medical centres in Europe have the expertise to perform innovative paediatric surgical techniques. The Erasmus+ TEACHER project is the first educational programme on esophageal atresia. It is a collaboration between the karolinska institute in Stockholm, Great Ormond Street Hospital in London, the Bambino Gesu Hospital in Rome, and the Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital in Utrecht. This educational programme is the start of a network of medical centres to exchange knowledge on innovative techniques. This will improve the treatment of esophageal atresia worldwide. For this project a new competency profile was created. The competency profile describes the technical and personal competencies needed for a paediatric surgeon who treats EA.

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