21 March, 2024

Empowering LifeLong Learning in PharmaNL

We are glad to announce that Elevate is going to contribute to this important National Growth Fund project: 'Early Drug Discovery (EDD) Education Track' from PharmaNL. This initiative, nestled within the Human Capital Growth program, aims to address crucial needs within the pharmaceutical sector.

LifeLong Learning

This new project ‘Early Drug Discovery Education Track‘ focuses specifically on developing flexible post-higher professional education and post-academic ‘lifelong learning’ education that is in line with developments in the pharmaceutical sector.

Without qualified employees, the undeniable growth of the Dutch pharmasector cannot be achieved. The project will contribute to the creation of an appropriate range of lifelong learning modules, which will encourage professionals in the pharmaceutical sector to develop further and remain active in the sector.

How Elevate contributes

The learning developers at Elevate will initially draft an educational design for the required courses. Through collaborative efforts with scientists and medical experts, we will develop 8 post-graduate learning modules that align with the EDD process and cater to the preferences and requirements of the business sector.

The aim is to develop sustainable courses with which we can train around 10-20 people per course per year. In eight years we hope to train a total of around 300-500 people.

More information

You can find more information about this project on the website of PharmaNL.

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