JOGG E-learning challenging the obesogenic environment

An interactive e-learning, co-created by JOGG and Maastricht University, to set up and facilitate a community-based approach (CBA). Focusing on creating a healthy environment for children and based on the Dutch-JOGG approach.

JOGG stands for Young people at a healthy weight: "Healthy youth, healthy future". Since the start in 2010, JOGG is building a local, national and international work network to make the living environment of children and young people healthier. JOGG is committed to making society so healthy that diseases of affluence such as overweight and obesity no longer stand a chance.

The focus is still too much on curing illnesses or providing care. JOGG wants a society in which the starting point is ‘healthy living’. A society that not only places the responsibility on the individual, but collectively enables a healthy way of life. To achieve this, JOGG makes the physical and social environment in which young people grow up healthier.

Joined forces to challenge the obesogenic environment

Tackling excess weight and obesity is a major and complex issue facing governments, organisations and programmes worldwide. Despite cultural and local differences, the challenges we face are surprisingly similar. This is why Maastricht University and JOGG joined forces to create the free E-learning: Challeging the obesogenic environment – Towards a Community-Based Approach.

The numbers







Our contribution

With the Dutch JOGG approach and the input of Maastricht UMC a didactically sound approach was called for. Elevate was more than willing to provide advice and guidance regarding the instructional design, the selection of tooling and to give didactical reviews on the learning objectives. In addition, assistance was provided in the multimedia development and the technical realization of e-learning. With this new, user-friendly e-learning and virtual learning environment (VLE), the benefits of using a Community-Based Approach in challenging the obesogenic environment should become apparent.


This course aims to teach the set up of a local community-based approach (CBA) which focuses on creating a healthy environment for children. Based on the Dutch-JOGG approach. In 2021 the OECD concluded that the JOGG-approach is not only cost effective, but also cost saving (also potentially in other countries).

Applying for a CBA involves going through a number of phases. The course has a total duration of 4 hours. The course is self-paced, which means you can follow it on your own, and at any time.

Each chapter has one or more assignments attached, to get the participant actively working with the material and thinking about how to implement the material in practice.

✓ duration 4 hrs – 5 chapters

✓ targeted audience: broad international audience, (health)professionals in prevention

✓ Singel language: UK-English

✓ Self-paced, freely accessible

After you have completed the course, you will receive a certificate of participation. 

For the future

JOGG, Maastricht UMC and Elevate continue together through the joint monitoring and evaluation of participants learning experiences in the upcoming months. If necessary, our experts at Elevate are always available for improvements through maintenance and updates.

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