E-learning for I-HARP: COPD

After the success of the previous collaboration with MUMC+, Elevate and Professor Daisy Janssen teamed up for the development of a new e-learning about a new version of I-HARP that can be used to identify the palliative care needs of patients with severe COPD.

Joining forces to meet palliative care needs

I-HARP for COPD is a tool that has been developed to support healthcare providers in identifying and discussing palliative care needs for patients with severe COPD. Quality of life in patients with severe COPD is often as severely limited as in patients with incurable lung cancer. However, patients with severe COPD are much less likely to receive palliative care.

One of the reasons for this is that healthcare providers find it difficult to discuss palliative care needs with these patients. I-HARP can help healthcare providers to address this issue and to take the appropriate next steps. With the interactive e-learning about I-HARP for COPD that was developed by Elevate in co-creation with MUMC+, healthcare providers learn how to use the I-HARP tool.

The numbers







Our contribution

Elevate created an easy-to-access interactive e-learning. Elevate was responsible for the course format and didactical review of the course content, the lay-out, the development of multimedia and the technical realization of the e-learning. Through various assignments, including a case study about a patient with COPD, healthcare providers learn how they can use I-HARP in their own professional practice. After taking the course, they know how to use the tool to identify palliative care needs in patients with severe COPD and which follow-up actions they can take.

Case study created to help health professionals to learn how they can use I-HARP

The chapters

✓ Palliative care for patients with severe COPD

✓ Using I-HARP

✓ The next steps

For the future

Maastricht UMC+ and Elevate continue together through the joint monitoring and evaluation of participants’ learning experiences in the upcoming months. If necessary, our experts at Elevate are always available for improvements through maintenance and updates.

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