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Elevate redesigned and updated the TRICALS consortium's digital training curriculum to better meet the training needs of trial staff and researchers and healthcare professionals. We migrated the existing curriculum to our multi-tenant LMS, allowing the consortium to run an exclusive online TRICALS Academy - fully branded and optimized for the certification and training of trial staff.

Keeping staff certified and regularly trained on ALS outcome measures

TRICALS is the largest European research initiative to find a cure for ALS to date. They connect patients to clinical research and also improve how they do research. One way of doing this is to train trial staff on outcome measures such as the ALSFRS-R, Vital capacity, Muscle Strength and Kings Staging.

Healthcare providers and researchers who are involved in one of the TRICALS studies are expected to be well prepared and aware of the disease and certain methodologies that are used in ALS research. All staff at TRICALS sites are therefore certified and regularly trained in ALS outcome measures. Elevate has worked with the TRICALS team in the past years to develop various online certificate trainings for that purpose.

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Trainees certified




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Our contribution

We have renewed the online training modules to make them more practical. Previously, the modules were quite theoretical. The updated modules follow the process that the practitioner undergoes: preparation, execution of the procedure, and, if applicable, the interpretation of the outcome. The theory is integrated with the practical steps.

We created a brand new platform for TRICALS Academy. Now they can use their own URL, design in their own corporate identity and they have access to an exclusive course catalogue. The TRICALS Academy is filled with optimized training modules, instructional videos, questionnaires and exams, all developed by the instructional designers and multimedia developers of Elevate in co-creation with the staff of TRICALS.

On the other side we created a totally new look ‘n feel for the training modules, which has resulted in a more modern and above all more recognizable and user-friendly learning experience for the intended trainees.

Screenshot online training module: interactive infographic

The online training modules


✓ Harmonized ALSFRS-R

✓ King’s Staging

✓ Isometric Strength

✓ Slow Vital Capacity

Screenshot of the homepage for the TRICALS Academy

For the future

The fully renewed online training modules recently went live. We will continue supporting the TRICALS team with necessary updates of the Academy.

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