Health insurance cash flows basics: microlearning for young doctors

A highly interactive microlearning designed to inform young health care professionals about the business side of health care. This e-learning, titled ‘No pay no cure’, provides a highly interactive 5-minute road trip through the basics of cash flows related to Dutch health insurance policy.

Broadening knowledge in a quick, modern way

In their daily job as a medical doctor, young health professionals are often confronted with questions from patients about the financial compensation of their hospital treatment. In order to help in answering these questions in a precise and complete manner, Elevate Health has collaborated with Medical Business and Zorgverzekeraars Nederland to develop a custom e-learning on this topic. This e-learning is specifically designed to be short, effective, and highly interactive for just-in-time learning to be ready on-the-go. In addition, through the optimization on mobile phone, this microlearning enhances your learning wherever you are and whenever you need to know more about the basics of cash flow, related to Dutch health insurance policy.

For this microlearning, Elevate Health, Medical Business and Zorgverzekeraars Nederland all put in their own expertise to enable an effective learning experience for young – and busy – medical doctors. Our mutual ambition is to help them deepen their knowledge on the business side of health care. This will help them to inform their patients more thoroughly and thereby grow professionally.

This microlearning teaches about the basics of cash flow within healthcare institutions according to the Dutch insurance policies. Through a short road trip, participants are taken through multiple topics such as different types of contracts between healthcare institutions and insurance companies, government regulations and possibilities for healthcare institutions with a short amount of money. At the end of the road trip, participants can download a visual summary that they can take with them wherever they go, in case they would like to explain something to a patient about compensation.

This free microlearning is specifically designed for usage on mobile devices and can be completed in mere minutes. The training is now widely available on the website of Medical Business.

The numbers





The main goal

Over the past months, our partners from Medical Business noticed a rise in health care costs, accompanied by limited financial knowledge of doctors. Due to a lack of economical and administrative aspects of health care in the current medical curriculum, extra education is called for. By providing young health professionals with a strong foundation of education, we aim to optimally train the doctors of the future.

In order to meet all needs, there are multiple options available for various topics, both online and face-to-face. One such example is the annual Medical Business Masterclass (MBM). This 3-day event has officially been accredited for the past 6 years, is in high demand and has proven to be very educative for young doctors.

For the future

The partnership between Elevate Health, Medical Business and Zorgverzekeraars Nederland aims to contribute to further improve the level of knowledge on the business side of health care among upcoming doctors. This microlearning is to be considered the pilot edition of a microlearning series, addressing more in-depth medical business-related topics in the near future. Stay tuned!

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