About Elevate

About Elevate

Elevate aims to increase knowledge and understanding of health sciences among health care professionals and medical researchers. In doing so, we hope to improve overall wellbeing and reduce the differences in standards of medical care between countries.

We offer a comprehensive range of online medical courses, which can be studied exclusively online, or as part of a blended plan that features face-to-face sessions in addition to distance learning. However you choose to study, you do so at your own pace and convenience, wherever you are in the world -- all you need is an internet connection.

Elevate offers more than online information; it is an interactive portal that enables global health professionals to share knowledge, explore ideas and analyse new science. This means that when you have completed one of our online health courses, you’ll not only have an internationally recognised diploma, but also a network of peers that you can call on as you develop professionally. 


What do we stand for?

  • E-learning expertise

Our in-house team of e-learning developers are experts in e-learning. We have a strong and sound online teaching philosophy and practice, with a personalized approach to learning, a focus on interaction and we offer continuous educational support throughout the course.

  • Focus on the medical sector

We focus solely on the medical (research) sector. This has enabled us to develop relevant knowledge in the field. It has also allowed us to build an extensive international academic network. As such, we are aware of the latest developments and the challenges our partners face.

  • Providing better access to good quality health care worldwide

Elevate is not just another provider of online medical education. In fact, we are a social enterprise aiming to provide better access to education in health care worldwide - with the goal to enable more people globally to access good quality medical care.

Interested in what we can do for you?
Contact us at info@elevatehealth.eu or +31 (0)30 253 7225