A brief history

On 1 October 2013 the Elevate project started as a spin-off from the UMC Utrecht in order to develop evidence based online education for healthcare practitioners and researchers in the Life Sciences and Health domain.

By 1 February 2015 Utrecht University had launched the first accredited online Master’s in Epidemiology. This course was developed by Elevate and the Julius Center at UMC Utrecht. Over the five years of our existence, Elevate has grown, adding other universities (Maastricht, Rotterdam) to our customers, followed by the Dutch ALS centre and healthcare organizations such as Vitadent.

Elevate has worked together with public-private consortia on many projects such as the Innovative Medicines Initiative, Horizon 2020, Erasmus+ and other initiatives. Not only our own learning platform, but also our learning methods have expanded over the years, ranging from MOOCs, SPOCs, social learning, blended learning, video learning to microlearning. In 2018, Elevate was selected by the NFU via a European tender to redevelop the online version of the eBROK course for clinical researchers about law and regulations in clinical trial settings.