ALS knowledge platform: fostering healthcare for ALS-patients

The Dutch ALS centre has developed a knowledge platform with the aid of the ALS foundation. The platform offers information on Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), treatment, care, Aids and research for patients and all those involved in the care of ALS patients. The centre wants to train home care teams who have experience in caring for ALS patients so that they can become part of the ALS Care network. Elevate created the accredited training modules on the Elevate Learning Platform.

The numbers





Transfer of knowledge

One of the four core goals of the ALS knowledge platform is offering training opportunities to transfer knowledge to professional care providers. Among the most important challenges were: offering broader and more in-depth training and sharing experiences (online) as well as discussing ‘best practices’ on an online forum for professionals in order to stimulate and improve the quality of care.

Since 2014, Elevate has been a proud partner of the Dutch ALS centre and we continue to take up the challenge to provide as many ALS caregivers as possible with high quality and easily accessible training on the Elevate learning platform.


Accredited training modules

Five self-paced modules have been developed and are continuously accessible through our platform:

– Introductie ALS
– Verslikken bij ALS
– Herkennen van irreële ziektepercepties bij ALS
– Beïnvloeden van irreële ziektepercepties bij ALS
– Communicatiehulpmiddelen bij ALS



For the last five years, by following these modules, paramedics, nurses, caregivers and general practitioners have all been able to further broaden their knowledge of ALS to optimize the care for patients with ALS / PSMA / PLS. Three of these modules are accredited by the professional associations for nurses and carers (V&VN), speech therapists, dietitians and occupational therapists (ADAP), social workers (registerplein) and physiotherapists (KNGF).

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