Introducing DATAclinic; how data science will revolutionize medical research

Data science offers the possibility to revolutionize medical research and patient care. With the DATAclinic program, a collaboration between University Medical Center Utrecht, ORTEC, Elevate Health and other universities, healthcare professionals across Europe will be better equipped to take on this task.

Data science is booming

Data science is booming. Not only does it have the potential to progress the entire scientific world, it also offers an invaluable asset for personalized medicine – not to mention the ability to reduce healthcare costs. However, healthcare professionals across Europe usually receive little to no training in data science. There is also limited collaboration and communication between healthcare professionals and data scientists in hospitals and industry. As such, the potential of data science as an revolutionizing scientific tool is currently not used to its fullest. Therefore, Elevate Health, together with University Medical Center Utrecht (UMCU), ORTEC, University College London and University of Tartu, has developed DATAclinic: an online program that fosters mutual understanding and collaboration between healthcare professionals and data science experts.

Funded by Erasmus+ and coordinated by UMCU, the DATAclinic program offers a curriculum that will equip the healthcare workforce with the necessary skills to contribute to improved effectiveness of medical research and patient care. The online program consists of four complementary courses, ranging from data literacy and stewardship to collaborative data science and clinical practice. As such, it will improve knowledge and expertise of healthcare professionals across Europe that will enable them to incorporate data science in their daily practice in an efficient, ethically and legally correct, and secure way – all to benefit medical research and patient care.

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Close collaboration

Taking on such an ambitious task requires an interdisciplinary partnership. Funded by Erasmus+, the strategic partnership has taken on the task to develop the DATAclinic program. In distributing the work in the project, the partners have taken background, knowledge and expertise of each of the partners as starting point. Elevate Health has consistently supported the design and implementation with educational advice, instructional design, content creation and the necessary support to set up the online learning program.

For the future

The involved parties will continue the strategic partnership in the future by developing a sustainable business model so that the acquired knowledge and outcomes will also benefit the healthcare professionals – even upon completion of the project. This includes institutional uptake of the program on various channels, of which Elevate Academy will be one. As such, the DATAclinic program continues to improve medical research and clinical care with data science.

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