Prof. dr. M.L. (Michiel) Bots

Professor of Epidemiology of Cardiovascular Disease

In 1986, Michiel Bots received his medical degree at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. In 1996 he moved to the Julius Center for Health Sciences and Primary Care of the University Medical Center Utrecht in Utrecht. In 2001 he was appointed associate professor in epidemiology. Since 2009 he is a professor in the Epidemiology of Cardiovascular Disease at the University Medical Center Utrecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands.His teaching activities involve; Regular curricular lectures on cardiovascular and general clinical epidemiology for medicine, biomedical and pharmaceutical bachelor and master students. Coordinator of the annual MSc course ‘Cardiovascular Epidemiology’. Coordinator of the annual Blended MSc course ‘Epidemiology of Cardiovascular Disease’. Regularly a MSc course ‘Clinical Epidemiology’ outside the Netherlands (China, Germany, Malaysia)