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In cooperation with NFU a new online learning platform and course have been developed by Elevate, taking into account the needs and wishes of 8000 clinical research professionals.

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In 2006 the Basic Course on Regulations and Organization for clinical researchers (BROK) was set up – a joint initiative of the seven university medical centers (UMCs) in the Netherlands. In accordance with national rules and regulations, clinical researchers working for the UMCs are obliged to follow the BROK® course and obtain the corresponding certificate. BROK® was converted to an e-learning format and is now called eBROK®. With eBROK® clinical research professionals and organizations learn everything about the rules and regulations, organization and execution of clinical research.

Improving quality of data and safety of test subjects

The goal of eBROK® is to improve the quality of data and the safety of test subjects. All those who have passed the BROK® examination will be entered into the so-called BROK® register. The eBROK® training course has been accredited by ABAN/ABFE. The regulations stipulate that a BROK® certificate is valid for three years, after which a re-certification course must be followed to obtain an extension.

Another way of tracking quality is the eBROK® dashboard in the Elevate learning platform. BROK® coordinators at academic universities can follow individual participants’ progress with the custom-made dashboard that shows relevant learning analytics to monitor progress.

Elevate has developed the custom-made eBROK® learning platform with thematic modular courses. There are basic modules for all researchers and additional modules that deal with certain types of research in more depth. These modules include drug research with medicinal products, medical devices, non-WMO research and other WMO research.

The numbers


Academic hospitals as well as other hospitals and research organizations


Modules: 6 obligatory and 4 in-depth


Expert reviews


Clinical research professionals

Competency building with eBROK®

Elevate helps clinical research professionals build their competency in the field of rules and regulations for clinical research. We have created over ten interactive learning activities ranging from quizzes, polls, drag and drop, summarizing statements, interactive timelines and presentations, animated videos, images and infographics with hotspots.

Thousands of investigators are now listed in the BROK® register: professors, PhD students, project leaders, research coordinators and research nurses. Biomedical scientists, psychologists and epidemiologists do the training course as well. The BROK® training course is also open to the staff of institutions which the UMCs collaborate with. The Association of Top Clinical Teaching Hospitals (STZ) has also been represented in the national BROK® committee for several years now.

More accessible, flexible, efficient and up to date

The new eBROK® is different from the old version in that it makes use of real clinical scenarios and situations. Learning activities are more interactive and contain more and different kind of practice forms. Re-registration links participants to the entire course and also makes use of interviews and animated videos.

The partnership with Elevate has allowed NFU to develop eBROK, an online training program for all our clinical researchers, This course is tailor-made to fit with individual researchers’ needs. It enables researchers to perform excellent clinical research with impact on health, health care and ultimately society in The Netherlands. As a full-service provider, Elevate designs, builds, implements and moderates the courses.

Dr. Ing. Melanie Schmidt
Deputy Director, Nederlandse Federatie van Universitair medische centra (NFU)

For the future

A fully functional, English version of the eBROK® course has been launched. We are committed to keeping the course and the accompanying online learning environment up-to-date and will therefore apply new releases periodically.

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