Enhancing onboarding: learning made easy and accessible with Whatsapp learning

Utrecht University is revolutionizing onboarding with microlearning, guided by Elevate's expertise. Spearheaded by Ivo Schenk, this ambitious project combines a comprehensive Moodle course with a cutting-edge WhatsApp tool for continuous updates. Curious about how WhatsApp can transform learning and engagement?


Utrecht University is dedicated to improving the onboarding experience for new staff, acknowledging its critical role in nurturing success. In pursuit of this goal, the adoption of microlearning emerged as a transformative solution. Elevate was asked to provide advice on effective microlearning solutions

Enhancing Front Office Onboarding: The Role of E-lia

The Front Office City Centre department manager Ivo Schenk – part of the Facilities Service Centre of Utrecht University – initiated a project aimed at enhancing the onboarding experience for new Front Office employees. Alongside the development of a comprehensive Moodle course for initial onboarding, there arose a need to establish a system for ongoing information dissemination and knowledge assessment post-onboarding.

Elevate was asked to leverage its experience and expertise in didactic online solutions to collaborate with the management. Based on several sessions that thoroughly explored the specific needs and opportunities for improvement, Elevate’s Learning & Development consultant recommended implementing E-lia, an innovative WhatsApp learning tool

Seamless Microlearning: Elevate’s Approach

At Elevate, we transform education and training through innovative technology. Our vision is to make learning accessible, engaging and continuous. Utilizing platforms like WhatsApp, we deliver microlearning content that meets learners where they are, fostering ongoing development.

Expertise lies in creating tailored learning solutions, integrating tools like E-lia to provide seamless, user-friendly experiences without complex logins. The modules include engaging content such as images, texts, videos, quizzes, and open-ended questions, ensuring effective knowledge retention.

We design and deliver impactful learning experiences, streamlining administrative tasks and offering valuable insights through user-friendly dashboards. By promoting direct, interactive communication and personalized learning, our innovative approach helps clients adapt to the evolving needs of learners. Partnering with Elevate empowers organizations to revolutionize their training and educational programs with strong support.

Example of how E-lia can be used


The project for Utrecht University consists of two components: an online onboarding training and a WhatsApp learningtool. The tool is designed to ensure knowledge retention among employees, ensuring that they retain their expertise. Additionally, it serves as a means to push updates and current events. This allows supervisors to compose messages and distribute them to all employees or selected teams via the tool.

Currently, our focus is on the development of online onboarding training. Once this phase is completed, we will proceed with the implementation of the WhatsApp-learningtool. 

Shaping Tomorrow’s Learning

Using WhatsApp for learning represents a paradigm shift in our approach to education. It offers a unique opportunity to personalize and enhance learning by enabling direct, interactive communication. WhatsApp learning goes beyond conventional methods, introducing new avenues for engagement and flexibility. It enables us to innovate in education and adapt to the evolving needs of learners in a dynamic world.

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