SuperFIT: designing a platform to implement the program effectively

SuperFIT, a collaboration between Maastricht University and Ecsplore, aims to promote healthy habits in children aged 2 to 4. Elevate has partnered with SuperFIT to design a scalable digital platform, enabling widespread adoption and fostering community engagement to support healthier lifestyles for children across the Netherlands.

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Introducing SuperFIT

Promoting a healthy lifestyle from an early age is essential for lifelong well-being. Introducing SuperFIT: a co-creation between Maastricht University and Ecsplore designed for kids aged 2 to 4. It’s their way of helping young children develop healthy habits early, which can reduce the risk of future health issues such as obesity and diabetes.

Intervening at an early age is crucial because the habits we develop as kids often stick with us into adulthood. SuperFIT aims to give children, their parents and childcare staff, the basics how to live healthier lives both now and in the future by focusing on physical activity, good nutrition, and staying hydrated.

Elevate connected

SuperFIT is ready to take its intervention to the next level. They aim to spread the program across the Netherlands by empowering other organizations to adopt and implement it effectively. To achieve this, Elevate has collaborated with SuperFIT to design a sustainable and scalable digital platform for new implementers and to work out the possibilities of adaptable online learning.

A comprehensive approach

SuperFIT takes a well-rounded approach to promoting health and well-being in young children. By addressing various parts of a child’s environment—physical, social, and policy—SuperFIT helps to create a supportive atmosphere for healthy lifestyle behaviours.

SuperFIT tailors its programs to fit the specific needs of each community, to ensure the greatest impact. With a focus on three main areas— childcare, home, and community settings—SuperFIT ensures a comprehensive approach to fostering healthy lifestyle behaviours from an early age. Their goal is to give children, their parents and childcare staff the tools they need to lead active, vibrant lives.

SuperFIT’s strength lies in customization

Their programme is always tailored to the specific needs of each children’s daycare center. This philosophy informed our design process for the platform – it had to be just as adaptable, to fit the needs of the individual learner. But there was another key consideration. The platform also needed scalability to grow and reach a vast audience. With this challenge in mind, we started the design sessions.

“Glad that we were able to think out-of-the-box together! The refreshing perspectives we received from Elevate have given us new energy!”

Lisa Harms
Maastricht University

Elevate’s way of working

Together with the SuperFIT team we have had design sessions to gather input and get to know the organization. Besides, we have held interviews with SuperFIT coaches to get a clear view of the target group. We have learned all about the key moments in mastering this intervention, which helped us to come up with a design for a platform tailored to the character and needs of SuperFIT.

A platform design tailored to the needs of each daycare center

We have designed a platform that will function as a central hub, guiding daycare organizations through the process of learning and tailoring the SuperFIT intervention to their specific needs. Organizations can then implement the program effectively within their own communities.

The platform caters to individual learners as well. It will provide personalized learning journeys, tailored to each user’s role and requirements. Learners will progress through the program at their own pace, and the platform will track their learning progress. This data can then be analyzed to identify areas for improvement and ensure the program’s effectiveness.

Fostering a sense of community

But the envisioned platform goes beyond just delivering the intervention. It fosters a sense of community among users. Through features like webinars, news updates, and discussion forums, organizations can stay connected, share their experiences with SuperFIT, and learn from each other. This collaborative environment ensures that best practices are shared and that everyone involved is equipped to deliver the program successfully.

Next steps: ensuring growth and sustainability of the program

With this design, SuperFIT will be able to plan their next move. Once this platform is developed, SuperFIT can achieve widespread impact. Their intervention can then reach a broader audience, promoting healthier lifestyles for children across the Netherlands. The platform itself is designed with manageability and scalability in mind. Easy to use and update, it can grow alongside SuperFIT’s expanding network. Finally, the platform ensures the future sustainability of the program. By providing a central hub for learning and collaboration, SuperFIT can empower others to deliver their intervention while maintaining control over its core principles. This platform design gives SuperFIT the opportunity to significantly expand its impact, creating a network of organizations equipped to encourage a healthy lifestyle for children.

More information

For information about SuperFIT, please visit their website.

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