Are you looking for a Learning & Development professional on a temporary basis? Elevate offers a secondment service to provide your organisation with the expertise and capacity you need during critical times.

Elevate offers employers and organisations the opportunity to hire Elevate’s Learning & Development professionals on a temporary basis to provide specific expertise or to take part in a project team.

This secondment service offers a solution, for example, when your organisation has a temporary need for extra expertise and capacity during peak times or projects, or when you are looking to replace an employee who is temporarily absent due to illness or leave.

Whatever the circumstances, secondment – full-time or part-time – is temporary and takes place physically, online or hybrid.

Elevate provides access to an extensive pool of extremely experienced educationalists and (educational) project leaders (junior – medior – senior) available on a flexible basis for secondment assignments. They will provide support in various areas such as e-learning design and development, didactic advice, curriculum design and other educational advice. Their extensive knowledge and expertise allow for seamless integration, maintaining the high standards you expect.

Our professionals can be deployed as Learning & Development consultant, educational consultant, instructional designer, e-Learning expert, trainer, project leader, program manager or functional and application manager. We also have suitable candidates available for more specialized job profiles.

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