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Our job is to help you deliver great learning outcomes. Having a trusted partner to ask the right questions will help you achieve great results. Interested in what our consultants can do for you? Read more below and find out how our learning advisory services work or book a free consultation.

Our consultancy extends from training needs analysis, evaluation of your current learning structure to the design and development of entire online and blended learning programs.

Training needs analysis

We prioritize the learners needs and put them in an organizational context

In order for learners to improve and grow in their jobs or roles, it is crucial that the education offered matches their needs. We help you to prioritize learner needs and put them in your organizational context.


Matching needs of your organization to new solutions

You probably already have great content and perhaps even an existing learning infrastructure in place. Together we identify what works well and what needs improvement, in order to eventually include this in the roadmap for new solutions that match the needs of your organization, now and in the future.

Learning Strategy

Proven track record with learning strategy

We have a proven track record in helping organizations with their learning strategy at various levels. Whether it concerns improving learning outcomes, optimizing the workforce or selecting the right technical solutions, our consultants can advise on the basis of our broad knowledge and years of experience.

Instructional Design

Converting your content into online or blended learning

Wondering how to leverage your contents and need help with transforming them into effective and engaging eLearning? Our experienced Instructional Designers are ready to convert your content and materials into great, interactive eLearning courses using a variety of professional authoring tools.

Types of eLearning

Support in all types of eLearning

By eLearning we mean a variety of self-paced online learning, social learning in virtual classrooms (asynchronous), Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), micro-learning modules made available at the moment of need (‘Just in Time Learning’) or any combination of these.

As a full-service provider, we can additionally support you with all your media needs, content development and a supporting and reliable Learning Management System.


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