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Are you looking for an experienced impact partner in your consortium that co-creates and strengthens your education, dissemination and/or stakeholder engagement work packages? Elevate focuses on maximizing impact through dedicated tasks and work package(s), ranging from educational, communication, dissemination to exploitation (CDE) activities.

Translating findings to society

Every year, many grants are provided for carrying out a wide range of research within the Life Sciences & Health domain. The funds and authorities that provide these grants expect the researchers to return the acquired knowledge and insights back to society. Translating knowledge from research at university medical centres and other research institutes to society is one of the most essential ingredients of a successful public-private partnership. If you, as a researcher want to increase the chances of scoring on grants, it is important to pay sufficient attention to this. Can you use some help with that? Read on!

Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation activities matter

Communication, dissemination and exploitation (CDE) activities have become an integral part of the Horizon Europe program and other major grant programs. Why do they matter? First of all, it makes your proposal stronger and it improves the chance of success. Secondly, it increases the visibility of your project – which helps to gain understanding and support. And third, it opens up other funding sources and business opportunities.

Elevate: a complementary partner for research partners

Rick Grobbee – Professor of Clinical Epidemiology and founder of the Julius Center for Health Sciences and Primary Care, a division of the University Medical Center Utrecht (UMCU) – has been a (principal) investigator in many large-scale epidemiologic studies and research projects. One of the first consortia Elevate participated in as a partner was under his leadership, almost ten years ago. That was the beginning of a long series of collaborations, in which Elevate’s added value in terms of CDE activities has not gone unnoticed. Grobbee explains: “The point of Elevate in these consortia is that researchers are typically very focused on science, but that’s not enough. You have to translate findings to society, to implementation, you need communication, dissemination, education and those are roles that Elevate typically takes on.”


Rick Grobbee – Professor of Clinical Epidemiology (UMCU)

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Our partners and clients

“During the grant preparation, ttopstart and the Consortium coordinator liaised with Elevate for its key involvement in the educational and training activities of the project. Elevate swiftly answered positively to the challenge and co-created the corresponding work package. Implementation and sustainability aspects have been highly rated in the Evaluation Summary Report; no doubt that Elevate’s input contributed to that! Thank you so much”.

Marc Derieppe, Healthcare & Life Science Consultant

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