30 juni, 2021

Teaching a revolutionary new non-invasive technique to cardiothoracic surgeons

Over a million people get a coronary bypass operation yearly. This highly invasive procedure will soon no longer be necessary in most cases thanks to a breakthrough development by Dutch company AMT Medical.

In collaboration with Elevate Health, the next generation of cardiothoracic surgeons will be trained in this new technique, which is set to improve the lives of patients all around the world. All pre-clinical tests have been completed and the ELANA technique will soon be available to heart patients. A dedicated online training center will be founded for this.

Over the course of the summer the training curriculum will be developed. This consists of two courses: a foundation Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG) course and the Excimer Laser Assisted Non Occlusive Anastomosis (ELANA) specialization course. The first interviews and panel discussion with experts have already been recorded (see photo below) and we are looking forward to the launch of the training center later this year.

From left to right: heart-lung surgeons Drs. P. (Patrick) Klein and Dr. B.P. (Bart) van Putte.

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