30 juni, 2021

Kicking off the Erasmus+ EDEMTET project

We are proud to officially announce our involvement in the ambitious Erasmus+ project EDEMTET. Together with the partners Radboud University, The Queen’s University Belfast, Wuhan University, Guangxi Medical University and Nanjing University we will create an intercultural eCampus for Dental Education.

Friday the 11th of June marks the kick-off for the Dutch collaborating parties: consisting of Radboud University Department of Dentistry, Moodle provider OpenEdu and Elevate Health, taking place in Nijmegen. Our involvement will focus on educational design and consultancy.

The eCampus will be supporting multidisciplinary team-based learning and evidence-based treatment planning. The wider objective of EDEMTET is to improve oral health-care through the delivery of dental professionals who are well trained in comprehensive evidence-based treatment planning and clinical decision making. To achieve this, the project will create an innovative open online learning environment that promotes clinical decision making and transfer knowledge from didactic to clinical settings and between various cultures. We are looking forward to the coming years as we are going to be bringing this project to life.

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