Epidemiology online courses and Master

We are Elevate and together with our partners Utrecht University and the University Medical Center Utrecht we offer a globally oriented program. It provides you with extensive knowledge and practical skills in patient-oriented research design, implementation, quantitative analysis and its application to clinical medicine and public health.

UMC Utrecht and Utrecht University are official partners of the Master Epidemiology Programme.

Epidemiology online courses

Experience the convenience of online learning as it enables you to study at your own pace and from anywhere in the world. Our virtual learning environment and course materials are available 24/7.

With our asynchronous learning model, you have the freedom to choose when and where you engage with web lectures and complete assignments. While there may be weekly deadlines to keep you on track, these will be communicated to you by the course’s dedicated e-moderator right at the start of your learning journey.

For whom?

Both the master’s program and the short online courses are perfectly suited to anyone who has completed a Master Degree, in:

  • Biomedical Sciences;
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences;
  • Medicine;
  • Veterinary Medicine.

Three times a year we give a Q&A about the Master Epidemiology. Our Programme Coordinator, Maud Verhoef-Jurgens, will answer all your questions about the MSc Epidemiology.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get all the information you need to make a good decision. You can follow the Q&A session for free, and the upcoming date is February 6, 2024, from 2:30 PM to 3:30 PM (CET).

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Academic Degree

When you finish the whole Master Program, you will receive an official Academic Degree from Utrecht University.

Utrecht University is a prestigious institution that has been at the forefront of education, research, and innovation since its establishment in 1636.

Utrecht University has been featured prominently in global rankings, highlighting their contributions to various fields of study.

Utrecht University is the highest-ranked Dutch university in the Shanghai Ranking.

Career Prospects

Our MSc Epidemiology Postgraduate Online offers you diverse career prospects. Many of our graduates continue with a PhD position and work in hospitals and universities around the world. Other career-options are in the pharmaceutical branche, or governmental institutions as researcher, research associate, or as consultant / policy advisor.


“I highly recommend the online MSc in Epidemiology to fellow learners. I could easily schedule the Program around my daily work obligations. Given the entirely online nature of the classes, I could personalize it to align with my own schedule. The MSc Epidemiology Program significantly enhanced my ability to oversee my PhD candidates effectively.”

Lachmi Kodan
Gynaecologist/Obstetrician at Academic Hospital Paramaribo

FAQ Epidemiology courses

You can enroll in a single course via our (Elevate) website. Please visit the course page and click on the red ‘Enroll’ button. You will go to our Course Signup Form where you can fill in your personal information.

The program of MSc Epidemiology Postgraduate Online (90 ECTS) consists of:

– Core Courses in Epidemiology, Statistics and General Academic Skills (20 ECTS)

– Specialization tracks in the Clinical, Veterinary or General Epidemiology (14 ECTS)

– Research project (56 ECTS)

You will enroll through Utrecht University’s official application system. Please read all the details on the MSc Epidemiology Postgraduate Online page.


If you meet all the requirements, the first step is to register in Studielink. After completing your Studielink application, you will receive login details for OSIRIS Online Application within 2 working days.


In OSIRIS you can upload all your official documents.

No, the MSc Postgraduate Online is a privately funded program.

Yes, we offer some discounts only for the single courses. Discounts do not apply for the whole Master Program. Please visit the page for more information about the discounts.

Join our Q&A

Three times a year we give a Q&A about the Master Epidemiology. Our Programme Coordinator, Maud Verhoef-Jurgens, will answer all your questions about the MSc Epidemiology.

You can follow the Q&A session for free, and the upcoming date is February 6, 2024, from 2:30 PM to 3:30 PM (CET).


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