Customized E-Learning for Impactful Research

Are you looking for a partner to help you with the dissemination of your research results? Our experts can assist you in meeting the research dissemination and impact requirements for EU-grants through the use of attractive e-learning solutions. Elevate has already 10 years of experience with impactful project outreach in the Life Sciences and Healthcare sector.

Utilising knowledge for societal impact and maximum outreach

Maroeska Rovers, Professor of Evidence Based Surgery, received a Vici research grant of 1.5 million euros from NWO (Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research). The Vici grant is recognized as one of the most significant individual scientific prizes in the Netherlands.

In her Vici research project, Maroeska Rovers aims to assess surgical innovations at their earliest stages by employing early modeling techniques and engaging with all relevant stakeholders. Rovers: “What we hope to create is really the knowledge utilisation of the project. I really hope to reach out to many more stakeholders in the field.” To support this endeavor, Elevate has been tasked with the development of educational materials centered around the early evaluation of innovations, particularly in the medical field.


Maroeska Rovers, Professor of Evidence Based Surgery, Radboudumc


Co-creation is key

“The collaboration with Elevate is a process of co-creation,” says Rovers. “We as a research group delivered the content and they added their knowledge regarding developing an e-learning module. The most important thing that Elevate brought to make this e-learning module a success was their educational knowledge.”

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Our partners and clients

“During the grant preparation, ttopstart and the Consortium coordinator liaised with Elevate for its key involvement in the educational and training activities of the project. Elevate swiftly answered positively to the challenge and co-created the corresponding work package. Implementation and sustainability aspects have been highly rated in the Evaluation Summary Report; no doubt that Elevate’s input contributed to that! Thank you so much”.

Marc Derieppe, Healthcare & Life Science Consultant

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