eBROK® course

This eBROK® course is meant for all clinical researchers looking to acquire their BROK® certificate for the first time, or to maintain their certification regardless of the possession of a valid certificate. Through this course, you will be provided with the latest news and continuous, recent field information in order to stay up-to-date.

In collaboration with the NFU, the BROK® has been updated in terms of didactics, innovation, usability and content into a significantly modernized version - eBROK®.

Quick overview
  • Study anytime and anywhere you like
  • Strong link between theory and practice
  • Contributions from leading field experts
  • Personalize your learning experience
  • Continuous updates on laws and regulations
  • Certificate valid for the next three years
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Advantages of eBROK®

In this eBROK® course, many practical examples and case studies are offered, on top of an increased interactivity, in order to engage. Moreover, through the application of contemporary didactical methods and the high amount of recent information and casuistry, there is a better link between the course contents and current research. In addition, outside of the mandatory modules, more in-depth elective modules are offered. Here, you have the option to choose those elective modules that meet your personal interests and needs best, to improve your learning experience.

Successful completion of the eBROK® course will result in a certificate valid for three years for both new and recurring researchers, proving that you possess up-to-date knowledge in the field of clinical research.

The eBROK® course is fully available in both Dutch and English and is part of the Mutual Recognition (MR) Program for ICH E6 Good Clinical Practice (GCP) Training by TransCelerate. In addition, as of August 25th, 2020 the course is ABFE/ABAN accredited (16 points) for the first three clusters. Note: retroactive points from before this date is currently under consideration.

Programme content

Obligatory modules

The obligatory modules consist of an introductory chapter, as well as chapters on legislation and regulations, design and execution of the research, organization, and assessment in research. In the final obligatory module you have the option to put your gained knowledge in practice.

In-depth modules

The in-depth modules consist of chapters on research with medicinal products, including future legislation for the ECTR in cooperation with the DCRF, research with medical devices, WMO-research and non-WMO research.


The course will be concluded by a practical module. Here, you can test your knowledge in a self test accompanied by a case to prepare for the final exam. The final exam and the Center-Specific Meeting (CSB) are part of the full eBROK® course, but will be provided separately by the EMWO and university medical centers respectively.

After successfully completing the exam, as well as participating in a CSB, you will be awarded with your certificate. This certificate proves that you are in possession of the latest knowledge in the field of clinical research and it can be extended through continuous registration.

Continuous registration

The modules necessary to attain re-registration consist of brushing up your knowledge, testing yourself and putting your skills to the test in a case study.

Successful completion of these modules will result in a renewed certificate. In addition, you keep access to the latest news and continuous, recent field information to ensure that your knowledge in the field of clinical research remains up-to-date.


eBROK® expert group

Prof. dr. K.C.B. Roes, chairman expert group (Radboudumc)
Prof. dr. H. Pieterse (Profess Medical Consultancy BV)
Prof. dr. D.E. Grobbee (UMC Utrecht)
Drs. G.J.M.W. van Thiel (UMC Utrecht)
F. Breur-Mossel, MA (UMC Utrecht)
Dr. C.W.G. van Gelder (Dutch Techcentre for Life Sciences)
Mr. E.B. van Veen (MedLawconsult)
Prof. dr. J.A.M. van der Palen (University of Twente)
J. van Wageningen, MSc (Julius Clinical)
G. van Krevelen, MSc (Julius Clinical)

NFU BROK®-committee

Drs. S. Camic (Amsterdam UMC, locatie AMC)
D. van der Gaag, MSc (Amsterdam UMC, locatie VUmc)
Ir. J.H. den Breeijen (Erasmus MC)
Dr. L.A. Veltrop-Duits (LUMC)
Dr. A. Skrabanja (Maastricht UMC+)
Drs. D. Mailly (UMC Groningen)
Dr. M. Onnink (Radboudumc)
Dr. M. Elferink-Scherpenisse (UMC Utrecht)

With special thanks to

Dr. D. Ballak (NFU)
M. ter Wolbeek, PhD (NFU)
A. van Mil, PhD (Elevate product owner)


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Did you forget your username or password? Please click on ‘Ben je je gebruikersnaam of wachtwoord vergeten?‘ in the same login environment. Follow the instructions on the screen to set a new password.

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