E-learning for heart failure professionals

An interactive e-learning, made to complement the use of the previously developed I-HARP instrument, for better communication with patients who suffer from chronic heart failure.

Joining forces to meet palliative care needs

Unfortunately, these days the quality of life of people with advanced heart failure is restricted and they still receive inadequate palliative care from health specialists. As chronic heart failure is an important underlying cause of morbidity and mortality, proper care and knowledge are essential. Recent research done by Maastricht UMC+ shows that one of the causes of this situation is the unknown life expectancy. Therefore, it can mean a lot to both patients and their loved ones to increase the quality of life if palliative care is given in a proper and timely manner. In order to achieve this, awareness needs to be raised in conversations between patients and their health specialists.

From the project, in which Maastricht UMC+ works together with various research partners, an instrument for identifying heart failure patients with palliative care needs (I-HARP) came forth. This instrument is especially designed to help health care providers in recognizing palliative care needs of their patients in time to provide better care. In order to learn how to work with this instrument, Maastricht UMC+ and Elevate designed an e-learning for health care providers, consisting of relevant information and test questions. In addition to the e-learning, physical workshops will be organized where participants can further train with the I-HARP instrument.

The I-HARP instrument, originally created by Maastricht UMC+ and Radboudumc, has been existing for a while, but was not achieving its intended results standalone. In roughly 30 minutes, healthcare workers will be introduced to I-HARP and shown when it is best used, with the use of practical examples. The course is hosted and widely available on Palliaweb.

The numbers







Our contribution

Since healthcare workers make their first acquaintance with the I-HARP instrument in the e-learning, a didactically sound approach was called for. Elevate was more than willing to provide advice and guidance regarding the format and the selection of proper tooling (such as Articulate Rise) and to give didactical reviews on the learning goals. In addition, assistance was provided in the development of multimedia and the technical realization of the e-learning. With the addition of this new, easy to access, e-learning, the benefits of using the I-HARP instrument should become more clear.


For the future

Maastricht UMC+ and Elevate continue together through the joint monitoring and evaluation of participants’ learning experiences in the upcoming months. If necessary, our experts at Elevate are always available for improvements through maintenance and updates.

Our partners and clients

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