Blended learning programme on Nursing Leadership

This blended learning programme stimulates the future generation of leaders in nursing by training doctoral nursing students and postdoctoral nurses in enhancing their leadership skills, extending their research competencies, learning to conduct interdisciplinary research and establish new transnational networks.

Growing evidence for the impact of leadership

Worldwide healthcare faces challenges because of ageing populations, increasing prevalence of chronic illness and greater emphasis on self-care.

There is growing evidence for the impact of leadership in improving patient and health care outcomes. Postdoctoral and doctorally prepared nurses have an important role in developing nursing and healthcare, by conducting research, translating research evidence into clinical practice and in furthering the development as well as shaping the nature of the nursing discipline.

Elevate developed the blended Leadership programme and integrated both the offline component of the programme and the online component to a didactically sound curriculum. Apart from that we also offered an online train-the-trainer module with which we train professionals to become moderators for the online component of the programme.

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Evidence-based and accredited blended learning community

The Nurse-Lead consortium developed a competency profile for postdoctoral nurses which is the basis of the blended learning curriculum. The competency profile is evidence based and theoretically founded as it is based on a) a systematic review of the literature of research on postdoctoral competencies and a policy review on research policy documents; b) an expert group meeting with postdoctoral nurses in Europe; c) as well as focus group interviews, which were conducted with postdoctoral nurses and doctoral nursing students in each of the participating countries.

The Nurse-Lead consortium also set up an online community with a teaching format Learning Platform focusing on interactive learning in small groups. In the online community, the Nurse-Lead fellows, (post)doctoral nursing students and consortium partners will communicate. The e-learning modules are supervised by an expert and moderated by an e-moderator.


Competency building of future European leaders in nursing

The Nurse-Lead consortium was established in 2017 with a Erasmus+ grant and consists of the University of Iceland (Iceland), University Medical Centre Utrecht (The Netherlands), Martin-Luther University Halle-Wittenberg (Germany), Nursing school of Lisbon (Portugal), University of Turku (Finland), Vilnius University (Lithuania) and Elevate (The Netherlands).

Its aim is to strengthen the leadership competencies and professional development of postdoctoral nurses and doctoral nursing students in Europe by building a one and a half year blended curriculum focusing on three pillars: leadership development in nursing science, research development and professional development in nursing science.

For the future

Elevate will support the Nurse-Lead consortium develop a sustainable business model describing how the e-learning educational modules and MOOC can be maintained in a way that enables a broad participation and reduces the costs for fellows after the end of the project.

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