STAP stimulates learning & education

On 17 March 2023, the Dutch government will re-release the STAP training budget, with a maximum of € 1,000, to stimulate learning and development for Dutch employees and job seekers. With this STAP budget, you will be able to follow a training or course. Which Elevate course do you choose?

Courses with STAP-subsidy

E-courses free of charge

– Advanced Diagnostic Research
– Advanced Topics in Causal Research
– Applied Economic Modelling for the Veterinary Sciences
– Basisprincipes MRI
– Cardiovascular Epidemiology
– Clinical Epidemiology
– Clinical Trials and Drug Risk Assessment
– Economic Principles and Concepts for the Veterinary Sciences
– Epidemiology of Animal Infectious Diseases
– Ethics of Animal Welfare
– Fundamentals of Global Health
– GCP Fundamentals
– Get ERC Grant Ready
– Hands-on Veterinary Epidemiology
– Introduction to Epidemiology
– Introduction to Statistics
– Mixed Models
– Pharmacoepidemiology and drug safety
– Presenting your Research Confidently
– Prognostic Research
– Public Health Epidemiology
– Research Ethics: an Introduction
Study Design in Veterinary Epidemiological Research
– Survival Analysis
– Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis of Prognosis Studies
– Systematic Reviews in Intervention Research
– Systematic Reviews of Diagnostic Studies
– Writing Research Proposals

E-courses with €1.000,- discount

– Classical Methods in Data Analysis
– Environmental Epidemiology
– Modern Methods in Data Analysis
– Real-World Evidence in Medicine Development
– Structured benefit–risk assessment of medicinal products
– Study Design in Etiologic Research

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