Sietske Zagers MSc

Sietske is Managing Director at Elevate Health. She has a Master’s degree in Educational Design, Management & Media and has a passion for online learning. With a strong vision on how learning experiences can be inspirational, she designs learning solutions that motivate the target audiences and enhance the impact of learning processes. At Elevate Health Sietske is responsible for the setup of new relationships with partners and customers. Her aim is to inspire, advise and work closely together, ensuring that they get maximum value from our solutions. In doing so, she hopes to contribute to the empowerment of healthcare professionals to improve medical standards worldwide. Sietske is also passionate about sports. In her spare time she enjoys going for a run. If you have a question about online learning and/or want to join her for a run, give her a call. And… she loves suprises!

For more information about Sietske background and field of expertise you can check her LinkedIn profile. 

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Sietske Zagers