Nienke Verdonk MSc MA

Nienke Verdonk works as an instructional designer at Elevate Health. She has a Master’s degree in educational sciences and develops the didactical elements of Elevate’s courses. You can contact Nienke for educational consultancy and the educational development of (new) courses.

Besides an interest in education Nienke is passionate about music and visual media. With a background in theatre and film sciences as well she enjoys watching movies and theatre plays in her spare time. Her interest in the aesthetic and functional principles of visual media as film, photography, theatre and digital media also help her to be creative in the development of Elevate’s courses and to make them not only didactically but also visually and functionally appealing to participants.

You can contact Nienke at +31 (0)30 253 7232.

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Nienke Verdonk