Mirjam Westerlaken MSc

Mirjam Westerlaken is an instructional designer at Elevate Health. With a passion for education, she was trained as a primary school teacher and took her Master’s degree in educational sciences at Utrecht University with a thesis on informal learning by medical staff.

At Elevate Mirjam develops new courses and moderates courses. Her focus is not only on the individual learning components but with view on how all the individual parts can come together to form the most powerful educational tool possible. Ever conscious that learning continues when the course stops Mirjams drive is to develop courses that maximise interaction and sharing from participants also in the work environment.

Besides her interest for education Mirjam is passionate about good teamwork and sport. She enjoys good conversations in which people encourage each other to grow and learn. After a long day of developing high quality courses, Mirjam really enjoys going for a run or attending an outside bootcamp.

You can contact Mirjam on +31 (0)30 253 7235.

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Mirjam Westerlaken