Matthijs Rombouts MSc

Matthijs is Marketing & Business Development manager at Elevate. He has a Master’s degree in Economics, International Management from Maastricht University and Uppsala University. His passions are connecting people and allowing them to grow professionally and also, to create room for innovation. At Elevate his task matches his passions but indirectly; by helping the organisation to grow people will too. Moreover, as the online learning environment is still at the early life cycle stages; lots of innovation is possible and the dynamics within the sector are amazing! His aim is to advise and work closely together with all stakeholders, ensuring they get maximum value from solutions offered by Elevate. Matthijs is also passionate about his family (1 partner, 2 children and 1 dog), nature and cooking. If you approach him to share a great meal he will not disappoint you! Of course you can always ask him questions about Elevate's expertise in online learning.

For more information about Matthijs you can check his LinkedIn profile or contact him directly on +31(0)6 46 18 18 05.

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Matthijs Rombouts