Gülsüm Bartolomeo-Barut LLM

Gülsüm Bartolomeo-Barut is the Finance & Operations Manager. She is responsible for establishing and optimizing day-to-day operations. She also manages the accounting and financial systems and gives legal advice.

In 2009 Gülsüm got her Bachelor ‘Rechtsgeleerdheid (Law)’ at Utrecht University. In 2010 she finished the Master ‘Criminal Law’ and in 2011 she finished the Master ‘Law and Business’, also at Utrecht University. Furthermore, she followed the course Health Law at UMCU and also finished the MBA-module Operations Management.

In her free time, Gülsüm likes to sport, travel and watch her favorite television series.

For more information about Gülsüm’s background and field of expertise you can check her LinkedIn profile. You also can contact her on +31 (0)30 253 7264.

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Gülsüm Bartolomeo-Barut