Franck Meijboom MA PhD

Dr. Franck Meijboom studied theology and ethics at the Universities of Utrecht (NL) and Aberdeen (UK). As associate professor he is affiliated to the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Utrecht University and to the Ethics Institute of Utrecht University.

Dr. Franck Meijboom’s fields of interest are in veterinary ethics, ethics of animal use and agricultural and food ethics, and the role of public trust and debate in these domains. As a researcher and project leader, he has been involved in national and European funded research concerning topics such as the philosophical questions of the animal research, the use of biotechnology in farming and food production, animal welfare and questions of moral status, the ethics of livestock farming, foundations for prevention and control of animal diseases, and ethical aspects of the use of genomics for sustainable animal breeding.

More information about dr. Franck Meijboom’s activities and positions can be found on his personal page.

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Franck Meijboom