Berent Prakken

Prof. dr. Berent Prakken MD, PhD is a professor of immunology and pediatrics at the Utrecht Medical Center Utrecht, the Netherlands. He is a board member of the Eureka Institute for Translational medicine ( and co-director of The Center for Molecular and Cellular Interventions (CMCI). Professor Prakken was among others chair of the standing committee of pediatric rheumatology in EULAR, and member of the PRES council and the EULAR executive committee. He is member of the steering committee of UCAN (international federation facilitating biological research in arthritis) and set up the first international platform for biological studies in arthritis (UCAN-U).

Since 2000 professor Prakken is heading a research group that studies the regulation of inflammation in chronic inflammatory diseases. The main focus of his research is on the role of regulatory cells in the control of inflammation; the development of immune therapy for arthritis; and the role of heat shock proteins as targets for specific immune regulation.

More information about professor Prakkens activities and positions can be found on his personal webpage.

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