Elevate Cares!


Last week, we, as the Elevate Team, very much enjoyed our first voluntary project team activity. As a social enterprise, we aim to improve our social impact and therefore, we decided to offer help to a socially vulnerable group of people. We visited the nursing home Voorveldse Hof in Utrecht. This nursing home is home to 56 elderly people, who are, due to dementia, unable to live on their own. We shared a nice pancake meal with these people, as extra hands to organize some activities are always welcome. After a brief introduction, we divided tasks and while some colleagues showed their great pancake-baking skills (they were delicious!), others set the table and picked up our "guests". We probably ate over 100 pancakes and had some nice conversations with the residents. After we finished eating, we turned up the music and noticed that no matter age, dancing is something noone ever forgets! We ended the evening with some icecream and home-made cakes after which we brought everyone back to their homes. We look back with pleasure on this experience and would like to thank Carina and Monique, working at Voorveldse Hof, very much for their support, hospitality and contagious enthousiams for the great work they do. Furthermore, we would like to thank Ester Vlaming of Stichting Present Utrecht for matching us to this project and for her assistence before and during the evening.