Mirjam Nielen

Mirjam Nielen is full professor in Evidence-based Veterinary Medicine at the Department of Farm Animal Health, Utrecht University.  Her main academic tasks are research, teaching and advisory aspects of clinical epidemiology and Evidence-based Veterinary Medicine. Her goal for EBVM is to provide evidence from population-based studies to support veterinary decisions. Her current research interests is to apply epidemiological techniques to ‘get the most’ out of practice data.

Mirjam Nielen was trained as a veterinarian in Utrecht (1987). She shortly worked in general practice, but wished to specialize. She focused on bovine herd health and defended her PhD thesis on mastitis detection (1994). Next she worked on decision support models for control of infectious diseases at Wageningen University. She returned to Utrecht (2002), where she worked as a clinical epidemiologist on many veterinary relevant issues. She strongly feels that clinical epidemiology is essential to bring EBVM forwards.