Thomas Debray MSc PhD

University Medical Center Utrecht

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Thomas Debray is an assistant professor in epidemiology at the Julius Center for Health Sciens and Primary care of the University Medical Center Utrecht. Before his current engagement, he attained a bachelor's degree in applied informatics, a master's degree in artificial intelligence, a master's degree in clinical epidemiology and a PhD in epidemiology (October 2013). A large part of his research activities focuses on statistical methodology for developing and validating prediction models using large and disparate medical data sets. In 2015, Thomas became affiliated to Cochrane Netherlands, where he provides guidance on statistical methods for evidence synthesis. In 2016, he was appointed associate editor of the BMC journal Diagnostic an Prognostic research, and guest editor of the journal Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine. Thomas is currently involved as a statistical advisor in numerous international resarch projects, and as a writer for several book chapters edited by Prof. White, Prof. Riley and Prof. Altman.

More information about Thomas Debray's activities and positions can be found on LinkedIn and his personal webpage.