Sophie Niemansburg MD

University Medical Center Utrecht

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Sophie Niemansburg (1985) studied Medicine at the University Medical Center of Utrecht. After receiving her medical degree in 2010 she worked as a resident at the Neurology department of the Diakonessenhuis (Utrecht). In October 2011 she started her PhD project at the department of Medical Humanities, under supervision of professor Hans van Delden and Annelien Bredenoord. The main aim of the PhD project is to address the ethical issues in translating Regenerative Medicine interventions, such as stem cells and tissue engineering, into clinical studies. Ethical challenges that are discussed are risk-benefit assessment, choice of the comparator group, choice of end points, and participant selection. A particular focus point are the societal impacts of these technological developments, for example in terms of ageing, prevention and social justice. In this project ethical analysis and empirical research, by means of qualitative interviews and case studies, are combined.