Greg Posey BA

Elevate Health

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Greg is Elevate Health’s Marketing and Communication Manager. A typical expat story, he came to The Netherlands from the US for a short-term consulting contract which is now nearly 19 years ago. The Dutch lifestyle seems to suit him well. He brings to Elevate more than 20+ years’ experience in higher-education marketing. In his various positions in New York, Boston, San Francisco, London, Paris and Amsterdam, he has been able to collaborate with colleges and universities as well as with international non-profits and government agencies to develop and market international educational programs and services. Greg is very committed to making educational opportunities accessible to everyone and is proud of the online learning opportunities Elevate is providing to students worldwide. In his spare time, Greg is an avid photographer, loves travelling the world, collects antiques and is a regular at his local gym.

For more information about Greg’s background  you can check out his LinkedIn profile. You can also contact him directly on +31 (0)88 75 50495.