Evy Schouten MSc


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Evy is an instructional designer at Elevate Health. She has a Master’s degree in Educational Science and Technology.  Born into a family of teachers, it is no surprise that Evy is always intrigued by how people learn, and how they can be motivated to keep learning. When you combine this drive to improve learning experiences with her desire to work for a social enterprise, Elevate Health is the perfect place for her.

At Elevate Health, Evy is responsible for designing, developing and moderating online courses. In her work she aims to inspire and motivate both teachers and students to gain the most out of their online (learning) experience. Her way of working is characterized by a lot of enthusiasm, open communication and eye for quality.

In her free time Evy loves to challenge herself. Whether this is reading two new books a month, running a 10-k or leading a youth group. Evy always finds a way to keep her mind sharp.

For more information about Evy’s background you can check her LinkedIn profile. You can contact Evy at +31 (0)30 253 7235.