Mariken de Krom PhD

University Medical Center Utrecht

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Dr. M. (Mariken) de Krom, Phd, is a trained molecular and cellular medical biologist with a keen interest in neurogenetics. She currently coordinates the PhD program Clinical and Experimental Neuroscience of the UMC Utrecht Brain Center Rudolf Magnus and the Graduate School of Life Sciences of the Utrecht University and heads the cluster research and education of the division of Neuroscience of the UMC Utrecht.

She obtained her Masters in medical biology in 1998 at the University of Amsterdam and her PhD on the molecular basis of hemoglobin in 2002 at the department of Celbiology of the Erasmus University Rotterdam.
After her PhD she got a postdoc position at the department of Translational Neuroscience of the division of Neuroscience at the UMC Utrecht. She worked as a postdoc and later as a staff member at this department from 2002-2007. She worked on the topics eating disorders and psychiatric disorders with a main focus on autism and anorexia.

In 2004 she started to combine her postdoc work with a role as teacher and coordinator in the master program Neuroscience and Cognition. In this period she also obtained her basic and senior qualifications as teacher. From 2007 onwards she is coordinator of the PhD program Clinical and Experimental Neuroscience and much involved in the education of master and PhD students in the field of neurosiences.