Renée Filius MSc


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Renée is program manager of Elevate Health. Renée is responsible for the Course Curriculum that Elevate offers and for Research & Development. This includes curriculum development, course accreditation, community development, e-learning consultancy, e-moderation and IT innovations to enhance learning.

She has spoken, written and lectured on different matters concerning IT enhancing education and enjoyed doing so. Topics were e.g. Weblectures, Serious Gaming, Informal Learning and Development, Learning Communities, Knowledge Management and Virtual Worlds.

She has a passion for trying to understand how people work and learn. With years of experience in education and IT and while working in the health care sector, Renée is interested in online education as a promising tool to increase access to (global) health sciences, and reduce the unmet need for education and training of health professionals. Her aim is for Elevate to serve as a community for e-learning activities where innovative new ways of learning will be explored, developed and extrapolated to various fields. Virtual, mobile and interactive are keywords.

Renée believes our increasingly interconnected world offers an unprecedented opportunity to improve health worldwide and reduce health disparities.

Renée can be contacted on +31 (0)30 253 7255.