Some of your online medical courses require you to take proctored exams. Elevate will indicate this requirement via the course page and the Virtual Learning Environment. If you are willing to take the exam in Utrecht, the Netherlands, we are available to proctor the exam for you without any costs. If you have to take the exam from a different location, you need a proctor. This proctor may ask you to pay for their expenses.

You can find all information on proctoring under the tabs below. You can also check out the video below to learn more about proctoring. If you have any questions about proctoring, please contact us at or call us at +31 (0)30 253 7225.

Proctoring services

If you need to make a proctored exam in The Netherlands, we can arrange a proctor for you, who can proctor your exam from a location close to our office in the city of Utrecht.

A proctor is a person that will supervise you while you take an exam. Proctors are used to ensure academic integrity during the exam. It is your responsibility to find and schedule your proctor in a timely fashion to take your exam. If you have problems finding a proctor, please let us know a month before the start date, so that we can help you. Below you will find details on acceptable proctors.

A proctor is required to ensure that all the exams are carried out according to the rules set out by Elevate. These rules allow all candidates to sit for the examination under equal conditions throughout the world. Proctors are appointed to a position of trust and they should posses the quality of integrity and vigilance to conduct the examinations in exact accordance with instructions of Elevate.

  • Providing the location in which the exam will be taken 
  • Checking the ID of the student prior to the exam 
  • If it is an online exam: providing the student with the url, username and password, sent by Elevate
  • If it is a paper (hardcopy) exam: We will send a pdf-file to the proctor, within 24 hours before the exam. The proctor has to print the exam and hand it to the participant at the agreed time and end the exam at the agreed time. After the exam is finished the proctor will need to scan the exam and e-mail it back to Elevate immediately. After this is completed the proctor needs to destroy the physical exam. 
  • Making sure the computer, the browser and the Internet connection are working during the time of the examination. Monitoring the student during the examination, making sure that the student is not browsing to other webpages.

Below you will find some ideas and conditions that will help you find a proctor. To protect the integrity of examinations personal laptops are not allowed and exams may not be administered in a private residence; only in a professional proctored environment. Elevate reserves the right to reject any proposed proctor or any previously approved proctor. Picking a proctor who does not meet the acceptable proctor criteria may delay your proctor request.

Acceptable Proctors:

  • Official testing center at a college/university
  • Certified librarians at a library, college/university, or school
  • College/university administrators, instructors, or academic advisors
  • Learning/tutoring centers
  • Educational officers of a corporation
  • Professional Testing Centers

All proctors must have a professional email address and be able to provide a computer with internet access for up to 3 hours.

Unacceptable Proctors

  • Relatives or spouses/partners/significant others
  • Friends and/or roommates
  • Co-workers, supervisors or business associates
  • Peers
  • Undergraduate students
  • Anyone who does not have a professional email address (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. are not acceptable)
  • Anyone who cannot provide a computer with internet access for up to 3 hours
  • Anyone who cannot monitor the student during the exam. 

This list is not complete and Elevate may deny any proctor that appears unacceptable.

Problems Finding a Proctor?
Please email us or call +31 (0)30 253 7225. Our office hours are 9:00 5:00 p.m. CET, Monday through Friday.

We recommend that you find a proctor at least 1-2 weeks prior to your exam, so we can make further arrangements with the proctor.

  • Fees vary for the use of a testing facility and the proctor's time to receive, monitor, and return your exam. Please contact your chosen proctor to determine if there is a fee, what it is, and when it must be paid. An indication of the fee is 60 euros per exam. If there is a fee, you have to pay this fee directly to the proctor, not to Elevate.
  • After you've found a proctor, please contact the proctor and send him/her the proctoring contract. Please complete this contract and return it to (no later than 1 week before the exam). 
  • Your exam information will be emailed to your proctor within 2 weeks of your exam.  
  • If you have submitted a proctor that Elevate has not worked with before, we will go through an approval process. 
  • Bring a formal ID including photo identification (passport or driving license).
  • Bring any items allowed by your instructor for the exam (e.g. calculator, book, notes, etc.).
  • Reminder: Cell phones, private laptops, tablets and/or PDAs are not allowed during your exam.
  • When you complete your exam, it will be sent to Elevate for grading.

Please be aware that participants are responsible for fees associated with the exam.