Platform services

Platform services

Are you looking for an international partner to facilitate your online health courses?

Elevate has the e-learning expertise and online learning platform you need to bring your accredited courses online to a wider audience. Through our platform services you can offer your own accredited courses to a higher diversity of potential participants and increase your reach. Are you interested in what we can do for you? Scroll down to read more about how our platform services can help you. Contact our Business Development Manager Sietske Zagers ( or +31 (0)88 755 0488). She is happy to answer your questions and discuss the possibilities for your specific course content. 


How can our platform services help you?

  • Advice on strategic, didactic and technical e-learning issues

Elevate advises on all issues related to offering e-learning: how to design and develop courses, which e-learning methods and personalized learning strategies will maximize study results, how to activate and guide participants during their course and much more.

  • Design, develop, teach and moderate tailor-made courses

Elevate manages complete tailor-made e-learning for health projects: we design and develop courses in close collaboration with our content partners and tailored to their needs – whilst always keeping the learning experience of the individual course participant in mind. Through our expert e-moderators we offer support and guidance throughout each course – to help ensure that learning experiences are fulfilling, and to actively support participants in achieving their goals (at present, more than 90% of our participants have graduated successfully from our online health courses). We also offer tailor-made MOOCs.

  • The Elevate Virtual Learning Environment

As part of our platform services we offer our own online learning platform to our partners. The platform is designed based upon Elevate’s requirements to ensure the best possible user experience (and hence, study results). Elevate also facilitates e.g. enrollment and invoicing.

  • Accredited academic courses

Elevate offers an academic curriculum, a wide array of courses, in close cooperation with renowned academic partners, enabling students to collect recognized academic European Credits (EC). Are you interested in a special offer for multiple courses of our current curriculum? Get in touch with our Business Development Manager Sietske Zagers

  • E-learning partner in funding proposals

Elevate can help you to write your research proposal and can function as your partner or subcontractor by offering e-learning expertise. We are currently involved in several COST, Marie Curie, ECDC and Horizon2020 proposals. Offering advice on e-learning for health, developing custom-made courses and teaching fully online medical courses in statistics, study design and epidemiology. Thereby providing a better medical education to a wide audience.

  • Marketing expertise

We can offer you marketing power by creating an extra channel for you to distribute and promote your knowledge and thereby creating an additional revenue stream. Our marketing team supports partners in distributing and promoting courses, helps to identify the right marketing channels, is happy to assist with writing promotional texts, and can execute direct mailings and other promotional activities on your behalf.

Interested in what we can do for you?
Contact Sietske Zagers at or +31 (0)88 755 0488.