Olaf Klungel MSc PhD

Utrecht University

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Dr. Olaf Klungel is Associate Professor at the division of Pharmacoepidemiology & Clinical Pharmacology at Utrecht University. He was trained as a pharmacist and epidemiologist. His main research area is the development, improvement and evaluation of innovative methods in causal drug research. Main applications are in cardiovascular pharmacoepidemiology with a focus on methodology to assess the effects of cardiovascular drug therapy in daily clinical practice. He is secretary of the Mondriaan Foundation Health Research Data which aims to increase access and link health and research data in the Netherlands and principal investigator of the Dutch Biobanking and Biomolecular Resources Research Infrastructure (BBMRI-NL) Rainbowproject Biolink NL which aims to link biobanks and socio-economic and medical registries in the Netherlands.

In addition to his research, Dr. Klungel teaches pharmacoepidemiology and pharmacotherapy to medical and pharmacy students. He is (co-)author of over 200 papers in peer reviewed journals, book chapters and research reports.