Norman Rosenblum MD


Dr. Norman Rosenblum is a leading pediatric nephrologists (kidney specialist) and clinician scientist at the University of Toronto and the Hospital for Sick Children.  As the Canada Research Chair in Developmental Nephrology, Rosenblum is identifying molecular mechanisms that control normal and dysplastic (abnormal) kidney development.

Dr. Rosenblum has a major interest in the education and career development of clinician scientists at an individual and program level. As Associate Dean, Physician Scientist Training in the Faculty of Medicine, he directs the MD-PhD program, the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons Clinician Investigator Program and serves as Associate Director (Education) of the McLaughlin Centre for Molecular Medicine. Dr. Rosenblum played a leading role in the founding of the Canadian Child Health Clinician Scientist Program (CCHCSP), an interdisciplinary training program aimed at generating the next generation of clinician scientists in the field of child health in Canada, and acted as Principal Investigator of the CCHCSP until 2012. Dr. Rosenblum is presently the President of the Canadian Society for Clinical Investigation.

More information about Prof. Rosenblum’s activities and positions can be found on his personal page.