Online education platform Elevate connects Health Professionals Worldwide / 15 Jul. 2015

Translation of the above:
Online education platform Elevate connects regional partners for global dissemination of knowledge
Elevate Health was started in 2012, by Utrecht University, University Medical Center Utrecht and HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht in 2012 as an online education platform in the health care sector. It offers online postgraduate education to small groups of health professionals from around the world. Elevate connects the best that the Netherlands has to offer in this area - the Royal Tropical Institute to various hospitals and regional partners - and mobilizes expertize for global dissemination of knowledge in the health sciences. Thereby Elevate is helping to raise global standards and reduce disparities  in health care between countries.

Jet Bussemaker, Dutch minister of Education highlighted Elevate Health in the “Strategic Agenda for Higher Education and Research 2015-2025”. This is the report which sets out the ambitions and objectives of the Dutch government for higher education for the coming 10 years.

In it the minister talks about the challenges facing higher education as it evolves to meet the changing demands of business and society, it refers also to the apparent incongruity that the Netherlands is consistently in the top 10 competitive economies according to the World Economic Forum, and yet that the Dutch are decidedly followers when it comes to innovation. (Source Innovation Union Scoreboard)

The Scientific Council for Government Policy (WRR) has said that the best way that innovation can be mobilized and utilized is to stimulate the sharing and application of ideas and techniques and it was in this context that Elevate was mentioned as a leading example of just that practice.

Diederick E. (Rick) Grobbee, Professor of Clinical Epidemiology at the University Medical Center (UMC) Utrecht and founder of Elevate Health commented; “We are extremely pleased to be recognized and mentioned in this context. We recognize that we could not have accomplished as much as we have without the willingness of so many people to invest their time and effort in just this sort of knowledge collaboration. We see the increasing number of requests for collaboration as an indication of a much more a widespread interest and openness and not just because we are a leader in this field.”

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