New release Elevate learning environment / 06 Apr. 2018

At Elevate we always strive to improve the virtual learning environment. Version 3.4 was released in February. This release included an improvement of the chat functionality, responsiveness on computer and mobile, improvement of compatibility on different devices and usability for teachers and developers. 
On March 28th, we released version 3.4.1. We collected feedback from learners and incorporated this in the learning environment. The main improvements of this new release are:
  • Enhanced speed while loading the course overview
  • Improved usability of the completion of learning activities
  • New lay-out for assessments in peer feedback activities
  • New activities for face-to-face meetings and groupings
  • Improved display of SCORM-activities
If you have any questions regarding the release, please contact Suggestions for further improvement of the learning environment can also be directed to that e-mailaddress.